EECI 2023 Summer School

A Fusion of Education and Exploration.

Step into the enchanting city of Zurich, where astonishing architecture, efficient transportation, and the presence of top-notch universities combine to create an ideal setting for an unforgettable summer school experience. Join me, along with my colleagues Erika and Terez, as we delve into the world of Learning-based Model Predictive Control. Led by visionary experts in the field, Prof. Melanie Zeilinger, Prof. Lorenzo Fagiano, and Dr. Lukas Hewing, this week-long program offered a remarkable blend of high-quality lectures and opportunities for networking and exploration.

Captivating Learning Opportunities

Our journey began with a deep dive into the foundations of predictive control. From unraveling the intricacies of stability and feasibility in robust and stochastic MPC to exploring cutting-edge methodologies that are at the forefront of current research, we were immersed in a wealth of knowledge that expanded our understanding of this dynamic field. Although nonlinear systems were not covered, the topics covered during the summer school left us feeling invigorated and eager to apply our newfound expertise.

Main building of ETH

A Balance of Education and Recreation

Balancing our intensive schedules on Monday and Tuesday, we were delighted to enjoy leisurely afternoons in the company of fellow students, surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Zurich's parks. An intriguing aspect of this summer school was the significant presence of first-year Ph.D. students who were collaborating with industrial partners on their dissertations. Among the wide range of research areas, robotics emerged as a particularly prominent subject.

Leisure afternoon with other parcipating students

Beyond the Classroom

The formal part of the summer school culminated in an engaging quiz, testing our knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered. However, the learning experience extended far beyond the classroom walls. Our free time allowed us to uncover the hidden gems of Zurich and its surroundings. The city's magnificent architecture, complemented by the scenic beauty of its vast lake and vibrant nightlife, evoked a distinct Mediterranean charm. Furthermore, the immaculate natural landscapes, carefully shaped to accommodate the influx of tourists, provided a harmonious blend of artificial and natural wonders.

Drone view over the Zürichsee

While it is no secret that Switzerland can be an expensive destination for tourists and residents alike, we discovered a few valuable tips and tricks to make the most of our resources during our summer school adventure, even though our accommodation was covered by the school. These insights can prove invaluable to anyone pursuing studies or tourism in Zurich. One of the most practical options we found was to dine at the university's mensa, where reasonably priced lunch and dinner options were available. Additionally, for those seeking social interaction with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, Oldtown Hostel Otter presented a welcoming alternative to the isolation of a hotel.

ETH Mensa Polyterrasse (source)


Our summer school experience in Zurich was an extraordinary journey, combining the thrill of academic discovery with the enchantment of a city teeming with wonders. The world-class education we received, coupled with the chance to explore Zurich's captivating blend of nature and architecture, made this trip truly unforgettable. If you're considering embarking on a summer school adventure, Zurich is undoubtedly a destination that will leave a lasting impression, both academically and personally.