Predictive Controller in the Racing Car – a Driver Should Be Replaced

I am introducing you our university team – STUBA Green Team – that consists of students who every year design and construct an electric racing formula. Then we compete with the best »

ERASMUS, to be or not to be? #3

Dobrodošli nazaj, dragi bralec! This will be my last post from this series. Last one, with more pictures and (a bit) less letters for those who are already tired of »

ERASMUS in Slovenia, but why? #2

Pozdravljeni še enkrat! I’ll start this post with the relevant information for the future exchange students. Hopefully, not the only one in this blog series (1st part here). The »

ERASMUS, is it about studying, partying, travelling, living, or? #1

Živjo prijatelji! There are three groups of students: ones who only have heard about the Erasmus, those who are thinking about actually going and students, who really went on the »

My Farewell and What Was Going on Here?

The end of the winter semester is (finally) here same as the end of my semester project. What I’ve been trying to do whole time – to write about my »

Now I Know My Grades Before Taking Exams

Okay, maybe not really, but the story is as follows. While I was studying for the final exam from the Automatic Control Theory I, I was wondering which letter(s) »

Solving Another Problem, That’s What AI Does

There is a room. Is there someone or is the room empty? We cannot see, surveillance cameras, video records are not allowed. But what we can do is that we »

Neural Networks, the All-Purpose Tool?

Humankind considers (rightfully?) itself to be the most intelligent entity. It is so intelligent to find out that brains, which are composed of neurons are responsible for that intelligence. And »

Discriminant Analysis Triumphantly Ends Comparison of Classifiers

Finally, the last classifier. Will it be the best one at the end? Yes! Previous SVM classification will be replaced by a discriminant analysis model. Discriminant analysis in short: its »

The Wine Dataset Is Divided by Support Vector Machines

Our journey to find the best classifier is not yet at the end. The last introduced classifier was the naive Bayes and now the next one – support vector machine itself »

The Naive Probability Is the Expert on Wine Quality

Same task, but third classification algorithm – naive Bayes. I was looking forward, because a MATLAB script was already written and I naively thought my only work is to replace one »

An Enhanced Neighbor is Better than any Tree

The aim of this project is still the same, only a classification algorithm will be different. No more trees anymore. They will be replaced by nearest neighbors, but the method »

Lose Way and Hope in a Forest of a Binary Trees

Warning: this story has no happy ending. In the previous post I promised that we will grow better trees. For these kinds of problems optimization is used. In MATLAB, function »

From the Root through the Branches to the Leaves

In the introductory post, I explained why artificial intelligence and machine learning matters. Leave out sci-fi machines aside, we have to start somewhere – for example with trees. Goals have been »

In Vino Veritas, Artificial Intelligence Approves

Artificial intelligence (AI) – you probably have heard something about it as it recently gains more popularity. Movies tend to portray artificial intelligence as robots in sci-fi and media are trying »